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indigenous services

Who We Are

Lincluden Investment Management, founded in 1982, is a Canadian owner-operated boutique investment management firm. Lincluden is 60% owned by strategic partner Morguard Investment Limited (MIL), with the remaining 40% held by existing partners. We employ value-based investment principles across equity, fixed income, real estate and balanced portfolios. We currently manage over $4 billion on behalf of clients, including approximately $250 million for First Nations.

Indigenous Services

We have had the privilege of working with first nation clients since 2004. The majority of our First Nation clients are in our balanced income oriented solution which was designed to deliver consistent absolute returns with an attractive level of income to support community spending needs. Our conservative long-term investment approach also provides a strong level of capital protection to ensure plan assets are able to support future generations.

Lincluden is a founding and ongoing sponsor of NATOA (National Aboriginal Trust Officer Association). Lincluden is also a supporter of CAMA (Canadian Aboriginal Mining Association) and AFOA (Aboriginal Financial Officers Association). We have a long history of giving back to First Nations through education and capacity building as well as direct support for youth activities and health and community well being. We are a founding host of the Anishnawbe Health Toronto Friend Raiser and continue to get involved with this program whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of Aboriginal People.

How We Invest

As value investors we believe that financial markets are efficient in the long run but can be inefficient in the short and medium term. We identify securities that trade at a discount to our appraised intrinsic value. We invest with a long-term focus, perform our own research, and follow a strict price discipline when purchasing and selling securities. This approach tends to provide greater capital appreciation while protecting capital in down markets and offering consistent income to address community spending needs.

Benefits of Our Approach

  • Ownership culture, which aligns our interests with our clients.
  • Focus on consistent absolute returns, attractive income, and strong capital preservation.
  • Disciplined investment process and a deep and experienced management team.

Contact Us

Learn more about how Lincluden can help serve the needs of your community.

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