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The Lincluden Balanced Fund began accepting investors in September 2000. The Fund was established to provide individual investors access to an investment management approach that since 1982 had only been accessible to large corporate portfolios, including pension plans and insurance companies. The same investment management team that has responsibility for the corporate portfolios also assumes responsibility for the management of the Lincluden Balanced Fund.

The investment objectives of the Lincluden Balanced Fund are consistent with the objectives of long term oriented pension plans: to earn a rate of return that handsomely exceeds the inflation rate, while at the same time limiting the downside risk in declining market environments.

Fund Facts
  Management Expense Ratio Type Minimum Investment
Balanced Fund Profile 2.00% No-load $5,000

Frequently Asked Questions

This section is a quick reference to some of the most common questions from Lincluden Balanced Fund investors. More complete Lincluden Balanced Fund information, including fund management fees and expenses, is available in our Key Features PDF.

Why Invest in a Balanced Fund?

Balanced funds are designed for long-term investors who are seeking higher long-term returns than income funds are generally expected to produce. Many investors find them attractive because decisions concerning the ratio of equities to fixed income securities held in balanced fund portfolios (i.e. asset mix), are made by professional portfolio managers.

How Do I Open an Account?

Fund units are offered on a continuous basis under the Funds Simplified Prospectus in all provinces and territories of Canada. You may buy units in two ways:

  • In Ontario, through our subsidiary, Lincluden Mutual Fund Dealer Inc.
  • In all Provinces, through another dealer who has approved the Fund for sale.

If you are interested in opening either a non-registered investment account, Retirement Savings Plan or Retirement Income Fund, through Lincluden Mutual Fund Dealer Inc., complete an Investment Account Application. You can use a single application to open more than one of the three types of accounts. For lump sum deposits, please make your cheque payable to Lincluden Balanced Fund. The cheque and all required information from an individual must be received by 3:00 p.m. in order to transact at that trading days closing unit price. If it is received by Lincluden Mutual Fund Dealer Inc. after 3:00 p.m. the Fund investment will be made at the unit price that will be determined as of the close of the next trading day.

A minimum initial investment of $5,000 is required.

How Do I Transfer my RRSP?

Complete Lincluden's Registered Plan Record of Direct Transfer form T-2033. Direct the completed T-2033 to your current plan holder and send your completed Investment Account Application to Lincluden. If it is possible to attach a photocopy of the T-2033 and/or a recent plan statement from your current registered plan, that would be helpful for follow-up by Lincluden. Please enclose that along with your application. Lincluden will ensure the prompt transfer of your assets and will inform you directly when the funds are received.

Alternatively, you may simply complete section 8 of the application and return it to Lincluden with your application. We will complete the T-2033 on your behalf. Please recognize that this will delay the transfer process relative to the above option, but we would be pleased to deal with the paperwork if you like!

How Can I Buy Additional Units?

Lincluden's Regular Investment Plan - You can authorize us to deduct an amount from your chequing account to buy units, monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. A minimum periodic deduction of $100 is required for participation in this plan. You have the choice of withdrawing the funds from your account on either the 15th of the month or the last business day. The investment in the Fund will be considered to have been made on that same date. We ask that you include a void cheque in order to most simply provide complete banking details.

Additional Investment: - Please refer to your investment advisor. If you are a client of Lincluden Mutual Fund Dealer Inc., making an additional investment is as simple as following the directions on the form "Contribution - Direction in Respect to Additional Investment". Please ensure this form accompanies your contribution.

How do I Obtain Information Regarding My Account?

Lincluden issues regular communications (as described below) to fund investors. In addition, current investors can contact Lincluden at the contact telephone numbers above for answers to questions about their accounts.

  • Confirmation of Transactions - A statement confirming deposits and redemptions will be mailed to you within four business days of the transaction date.
  • Quarterly Statement - Following the end of each quarter, a statement will be mailed to you within 10 business days. All activity during the quarter, including distributions and management fees will be clearly presented.
  • Quarterly Investment Review - A report discussing our economic and financial market outlook and portfolio strategy will be in the mail to you by the 15th day following each quarter end.
  • Tax and RRSP Contribution Receipts - An official RRSP contribution receipt will be mailed to you by the end of January of the following year, for contributions made between March and December. A receipt for January and February contributions will be mailed before the end of March. A T-3 supplementary, providing the tax detail of the prior years distributions allocated to you, will be mailed by the end of February.