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balanced fund quarterly report

The low interest rate environment has helped fuel equity markets to record highs. Despite the high level of uncertainty and geopolitical risks in the market, volatility remains muted. The Bank of Canada raised interest rates twice in the period catching investors off-guard. The Canadian dollar rallied, however it did pull back late in the quarter as the Bank of Canada indicated that any future...

balanced fund

For long-term investors who seek a rate of return that exceeds the inflation rate and want to limit downside risk in declining market environments.

market commentary

The Bank of Canada raised interest rates by 25 b.p. at each of its two meetings during the third quarter. The rate hike in early July was expected by the markets, however, the subsequent move in September caught a few investors off-guard as many felt the next move would not occur until October. The Canadian dollar rallied dramatically on the back of these moves and touched a high of 1.21 in early September. However, follow-up...

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