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balanced fund quarterly report

Equity markets continued to show upward momentum, albeit at a slower pace, while bond yields remained in a trading range. This market reaction could imply a potential fading of the Trump trade that pushed markets higher following his election victory. The question on the minds of investors will be the ability of the U.S. administration being able to implement their campaign promises...

balanced fund

For long-term investors who seek a rate of return that exceeds the inflation rate and want to limit downside risk in declining market environments.

market commentary

During his campaign run, Trump said he would repeal and replace Obamacare, implement significant tax cuts, and allocate close to a trillion dollars to infrastructure spending. These policies would be supportive of economic growth and as a result equity markets rallied and bond yields soared. The question facing investors in 2017 is how much of this news is already factored into current market pricing and would Trump be...

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