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balanced fund quarterly report

Equity markets bounced back during the second quarter, reversing the decline that occurred earlier in the year. Financial markets remain quite volatile led by headlines related to global trade tariffs initiated by President Trump and his administration. The tariffs could lead to an all-out trade war with countries retaliating by implementing their own tariffs against the U.S. Such measures could be very damaging to the....

balanced fund

For long-term investors who seek a rate of return that exceeds the inflation rate and want to limit downside risk in declining market environments.

economic commentary

The global trade tariffs implemented by President Trump are quickly turning into the potential for an all‐out trade war. Although China has been the main target, tariffs have been levied on Canada along with other major trading partners in Europe. As expected, many of these countries have retaliated by implementing their own tariffs against the U.S. A further escalation could result in a global trade war which would be very damaging to the global economy...

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