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balanced fund quarterly report

Global stock markets ended the year on a positive note. In the U.S. the unexpected result of the elections with Donald Trump winning caught the markets off guard. The equity markets had declined initially on the news but were able to recover their early losses and continue their advance heading into the end of the year. The Federal Reserve increased their key lending rate in December...

balanced fund

For long-term investors who seek a rate of return that exceeds the inflation rate and want to limit downside risk in declining market environments.

market commentary

The unexpected result in the U.S. presidential election caught markets off guard as Trump rallied to victory. A Trump win was expected to result in a decline in equity markets along with a rally in bond yields, particularly high quality government bonds. Dow Futures were down 800 points overnight and U.S. Treasury bond yields declined by 15 b.p., however, these moves were short-lived and completely reversed themselves...

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